Once you have selected what sort of meal we will be catering for you, please look at this menu to choose your meal.

If you are having an entree &/or dessert, please choose one dish from each section. for your main meal choose two curries, your meal will also come with a Burmese salad, chilli condiment and rice.

Finger food customers can choose from the entree or dessert menu for each finger food item.

Bamboo Curry Boats, choose from any of the curries listed in the mains section.

For more information please see our pricing page.


Your Choice of one of the following


Kyat Thon ni Shwe Pyon Di Kyaw

(jet-thon -ni-shway-pee-yon-di-joh)
Fried onion & Pumpkin fritters with spicy chili coriander sauce

(GF) (DF) (Ve)

Beh Ga Kyaw

Burmese Falafel with tangy chilli sauce

(GF) (DF) (Ve)

Kyat Thon Laik

Potato masala spring rolls with spicy chili coriander sauce

(DF) (Ve)

Kyat Tha Kyaw

Crispy fried chicken bites with sweet chili sauce

(GF - without sweet chilli sauce)


Your Choice of two of the following curries. (we recommend 1 meat and 1 vegetarian)


Amei Tha Hin

Beef curry

(GF) (DF)

Kyat Tha Hin

Chicken Curry

(GF) (DF)



Bazun Hin

Prawn & Pumpkin Curry - Note: Extra $3pp for this dish

(GF) (DF)



Hin Thee Hin Ywat

Vegetable Curry

(GF) (DF) (Ve)



Hnga Pyaw Thee Hinn

Green Banana Curry

(GF) (DF) (Ve)


Seasonal Burmese Salad.


Atho Soh

Burmese style salad with Cabbage, cucumber, bean shoots & more.

(GF) (DF) (Ve)


The following Chilli condiment is complementary. For those who like it hot!


Nga Yoke Thee Atho

Chilli, onion and tomato relish

(GF) (DF) (Ve)


Your choice of one of the following;


Sein Pay

Sticky rice cake with mango and housemade coconut ice-cream

(GF) (V)

Moh Si Kyaw

Banana Pancakes with housemade coconut ice-cream and syrup

(GF) (DF)* (V)


Moh Loh Kyaw

Fried coconut bombs with mango and housemade coconut ice–cream

(GF) (DF)* (V)

Finger Food.


Finger food options: choose from any of the Entree or Dessert items as 1 Finger Food option.

Bamboo Curry Boat options: choose from any of the Curries listed above.

Bamboo Salad boat optionss:

Atho Soh (a‐thow‐so)
Cabbage & bean shoot salad

(GF) (DF) (Ve)

Peh Tho (pey‐tho)
Bean, Potato & Coriander Salad.

More Salad options coming soon

(GF) (DF) (Ve)

Dietry & Allergy Information


(GF) Gluten Free - housemade coconut icecream is gluten free
(DF) Dairy Free - housemade coconut icecream is dairy free
(V) Vegetarian.
(Ve) Vegan.

Please inform catering booking staff of any dietry/allergy needs and number of guests this relates to. Where possible we will make substitutions to accomodate these requirements.

All care will be taken to accomodate allergies, however trace elements of allergens may be present in our raw ingredeients. Therefore we do not take responsibility for food prepared for people with life threatening of harmful allergies.